David and Jaqueline’s Wedding by Tomas Hric Photography

My recent wedding shoot in Silver Springs, Maryland, went great! David and Jaqueline exchanged their vows on Saturday, 8/27/2016 at Canaan Christian Church, following their short reception. After the reception, we headed down to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, which is very popular place to take wedding pictures in Northern Virginia region. We were able to get some great shots and our client was very pleased.

Having an assistant during a wedding shoot is extremely helpful. Assistant can take pictures from different angles which the main photographer is unable to get, such as the top floor in church as the wedding couple is walking to or from the alter. Another very helpful thing your assistant can do, is being able to move the lighting equipment quickly and efficiently during the photo shoot, especially when you are on a tight schedule. As you can see in a picture below, my assistant was holding a softbox on a pole and angling the light as directed. Without an assistant, it would take a lot longer to position the light on a subject in order to take the perfect shot. Some photographers may choose to use natural light if they don’t have an assistant, although the pictures may look flat and unappealing. On-camera flash is very convenient, but you don’t want to use direct flash during the wedding shoot due to the chance of blowing out the bride’s dress. Bride will not be happy seeing a white blown out dress with no details. Tomas Hric Photography carefully selects the right lighting equipment for each circumstance in order to get the best results and happy clients. To see more examples from this wedding and my other projects, please feel free to visit my website at www.hricphotography.com.

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